Just imagine… a 2015 yearbook!

You’ve made it to the last few days of term, the summer holidays are on the doorstep and we hope you have a great break whatever you’ve got planned.

Before completely switching off for the summer, take a bit of time to think about your school yearbook for 2015. Whether you’re a teacher who usually runs the yearbook team, or the student in line for managing the yearbook project for next year. Our absolute top yearbook tip is to start as early as you can, give yourself plenty of time to carry out each stage of creating a yearbook. Getting a yearbook committee together, marketing and designing the yearbook all take time and to get the best possible result means plenty of planning and organising.

Just imagine starting your 2015 yearbook in September, you can test drive both our yearbook software and online designer app to see if these suit your needs. You can work as a team to plan your yearbook theme and decide which pages will go in before calling on your year group for their beautiful photos and best comments. Sometimes it can take students, teachers and senior staff a while to write their comments, so they’ll thank you for that bit of extra time to put pen to paper!

Making good headway during the Autumn term means you can enjoy your Christmas break without worrying about how much is left to do when you go back in January. We recommend you set yourself targets at certain dates throughout the year to keep your yearbook project on track.

Your first step to being the most organised yearbooker on Earth is to request a free sample guide to get you started! Now be free, and enjoy your summer 🙂


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