Join the yearbooks community…

Are you making a yearbook this year? Wouldn’t it be great to join others who are embarking on theirs? Join our social yearbooks community to see what other yearbookers are doing and share your experiences too…

Who should join SPC Yearbooks’ social community?
Anyone starting, half way through, or even in the later stages of making a yearbook! We’re not fussy, students, teachers, parents, PTA members, etc. if you can benefit from fellow peers who are in the same yearbook boat then we welcome you with open arms.

What gets posted?

Yearbook-related hints, tips and ideas, but also helpful posts about student life, silly stuff to share and just for fun competitions. We don’t just want to post our stuff, we want to see yours too! Call this your official invitation to contribute yearbook progress photos, your tips, and anything else you want to share with us and other yearbookers.

What’s in it for me?

If you contribute, you get the satisfaction of helping others with their yearbook, you get to show off your skills and handy work. If you’re looking for yearbook help, or ideas you’ll be fuelled with inspiration on seeing what others are doing. You can ask the yearbook experts any questions, give feedback and also try and win stuff in our competitions!

How do I join this online yearbooks community?

Give us a ‘Like’ on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and check out our Pinterest boards where you can re-pin ideas you like to your own boards.


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