How to design a GREAT yearbook cover

Want to design your own yearbook cover? Here are a few tips to get the best result.

Covers go all the way around the book. We tend to think of a book’s front cover and back cover as separate. In reality they’re one image that wraps all the way around.

Set your yearbook cover up as a single large image. The back cover goes on the left, the front cover on the right, and the spine in the middle. We have design templates to help you get the dimensions exactly right – just ask!

Resolution, resolution, resolution. The best design in the world will look pixelated and blurry if the resolution is too low. If you’re using design software, set the document resolution at 300 pixels per inch. If you’re taking a photo for the yearbook cover, set your camera to HDR or RAW. If you’re drawing or painting an image by hand, make sure it’s A3 size (landscape format), then scan at a high resolution, ideally 300 ppi. 

Now for the really tough decision…what to include in your cover design. A group photo is always nice. If the inside yearbook pages have a dominant colour or theme, it’s good to echo that on the cover to make the whole book feel unified. In general, bold, dramatic colours are appealing. It’s also good to start with a single focal point and base the design around that. 

If you’re stumped, social media sites like Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram are great places to find inspiration. 

Our range of ready-made yearbook covers could also help spark some ideas! Take a look at our online catalogue to see all the designs available in our Yearbook Hub software:

What if you have a great idea but aren’t artistic? No problem! We can design a custom yearbook cover for you at no extra cost. Just send us your ideas and we’ll come up with something great!