How free photo sharing sites can help your yearbook project…

There are many ways to collect in collage/montage photos for your yearbook – an increasingly popular way is by subscribing to free online ‘photo sharing’ sites such as Facebook, Photobucket, Picasa, Flickr and Google Photos (to name but a few) and setting up collaborative photo albums where everyone in your school year is able to drop in yearbook photos. Online collaborative photo albums take away the hassle of emailing content to an individual or set of individuals, enable groups to see one another’s photos, work on the go and socially interact. On the whole, you will find that most sites have the same basic set of tools. They are also in a continual quest to make their site stand out from the rest, which often results in new features that just may make your job a whole lot easier – so it’s worth doing a bit of research to see which app best suits your needs.

It is worth being aware that some photo sharing sites offer limited storage if you aren’t paying for a subscription, or they cap your maximum image size meaning your yearbook photos will be compressed after you’ve downloaded them from your account. Neither of these factors should be a concern however, as a few GB should be more than adequate capacity for yearbook montage photos and the cap most sites would put on image size (1MB / 2048×1536 pixel) is perfectly acceptable quality for a photo at postcard size.


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