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Great ideas for yearbook pages

Make your yearbook really stand out by adding extra yearbook pages that step out of the norm.

Here are some ideas to get you going…

  • Student life page – record what your student life was like by documenting the areas of school where you hang out, sports and other activities your year was involved in. If you’re at a boarding school perhaps take photos of your accommodation and social outings to use on ‘student life’ yearbook pages.
  • Dedication page – maybe you have lost someone during your journey through school, a fellow student, a teacher, etc. A dedication/In memory of… page is a lovely way to include them in your yearbook. You may want to thank a special someone who has helped your year throughout, such as your headteacher, a tutor, support staff, IT technicians, etc. a ‘thank you’ yearbook page would mean the world to them.
  • Special themed days – have you hosted dress up (or dress down) days? Halloween, Easter or Christmas fun days? Don’t let them get forgotten, document them in your yearbook.
  • Support staff – those who sometimes go un-noticed, but journey through school with you from start to finish – give them their 5 minutes of fame with a dedicated page in your yearbook. Photos of the groups or individuals with a quick caption of who they are and what they do around school will ensure you remember them in years to come.
  • Student artwork – create a page with photos of student artwork; paintings, ceramics, drawings, textiles, woodwork, etc. could all feature. Remember to include the artist/creators name beneath their piece.

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