Fun ideas when creating your yearbook cover

Fun ideas when designing your school leavers yearbook front coverOnce you’ve chosen a yearbook binding type, it’s time to start thinking about the artwork you want to use.

Your binding choice will help to determine the type of yearbook artwork you can have. Hardback cloth and leather bound yearbooks are the more traditional option – these usually have your school logo and name, and the leavers year which are foil blocked onto the front cover. Our other yearbook binding options (hardback gloss, perfect bound, square-back bound and wiro/coil) all allow for full colour designs, giving you the chance to be more creative.

Before creating the design, it’s a good idea to consider what information you want to include on your cover. Some examples of popular content are as follows:

  • School Name
  • “Yearbook 2013” / “Yearbook 2008-2013”
  • The school year involved i.e: Year 11 / Year 13
  • Photo of school
  • School logo
  • School motto
  • School/House Colours

How the artwork will be created is another consideration. If SPC Yearbooks is creating your yearbook design for you, you just need to supply any logos/images you want, along with a design brief (an idea of what you would like). We also have lots of pre-designed yearbook covers to choose from if you need some inspiration, as part of our pre-designed template and complete design service options.

If you are creating the artwork yourself, there are several ways to do this: if you are using Yearbook Creator or Yearbook Designer Live! you can create the cover design (except for hardback cloth and faux leather binding) – there are lots of backgrounds and different clipart items to choose from.

Some schools use hand drawn/painted school logos/caricatures of the students. This is a good option if you have someone who is particularly creative in your year, or you could always run a competition and use the best artwork for your yearbook cover.

Another popular option is a scrapbook cover – collect and photograph items from your school bags/things that mean something to you as a year group, e.g. textbooks, exercise books, stationery, school tie, planner, etc. We also have ready-made scrapbook cover designs available in Yearbook Creator and Yearbook Designer Live! to make things quicker and easier for you.

You’ll need to decide whether there will be a particular theme running throughout your yearbook which you could also use for your cover – popular choices include scrapbook and english vintage themes. If you’re struggling to think of a theme for your yearbook, have a look at the Yearbook Design Ideas section of our website to kickstart your creativity!



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