Quick & Easy Online Proofing of Yearbooks

Proof HQ is an online proofing solution that allows approved individuals to access yearbook proofs online. Customers can view and review their proofs, add instructions for required amendments, attach new files or share the proof with their colleagues. Subsequently, everyone has access and visibility, and they are also all able to view each other’s comments and amendments. This leads the way for excellent and clear communication between you and all of your school yearbook colleagues, and also between you and the SPC Yearbooks team.

This excellent online solution has been a global success and is used regularly by various internationally renown organisations. We launched Proof HQ at SPC at the end of 2012 and it has since proven to be a valuable asset for ourselves and for our customers.


As an SPC Yearbooks customer, we wish to allow you access each year to whatever ordering process works best of you. If you prefer to make your amendments on a printed version of the yearbook, or if you are more comfortable sending us your changes via email, then we are always happy to accommodate you.

However, there are a wide array of benefits to our new online proofing system, demonstrated by the feedback we’ve already received from our existing customers who’ve used it. Please find a few of these listed below:

  • Proof HQ allows you the opportunity to add clear and concise instructions to an online proof. These comments can be edited or deleted by your colleagues without the danger of creating confusion, which could occur with handwritten or amended instructions provided to us on a printed copy of your yearbook.
  • By using Proof HQ, you can add comments and share them with SPC and/or your colleagues immediately, without the expense or longer process of posting them out by mail.
  • Proof HQ can be accessed anywhere in the world, by PC, Mac and iPad. This makes it a versatile solution if you or your colleagues are not in school or out of the country.
  • Proof HQ allows all your information to be saved in one place, without the fear of losing essential hard copy amended pages as the information is passed from person to person.
  • Proof HQ works better than email because it allows you access to a visual view of the page, text or image you wish to amend, which then can be shared with your colleagues or SPC. This increases accuracy and narrows the possibility of miscommunication when carrying out instructions. It could also decrease the number of proofs the customer needs to see, making the process quicker and more efficient for the school.
  • By accessing Proof HQ, last minute urgent changes can be added and communicated to SPC Yearbooks’ design team quickly and effectively.

Any problems or queries using Proof HQ?
Contact us on 01480 410435 or [email protected]


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