How to create online yearbooks

We’re in the 21st century right? Yearbooks are no longer limited to cutting, sticking and photocopying (although the scrapbook-style design is still en vogue). Now you can work via a web browser and create your yearbook pages online with friends!

Using an online yearbook editor, you can easily drag and drop pre-designed page layouts, backgrounds, clipart, your own artwork and photos onto the page. If you want to change something it’s easy to ‘undo’ your last actions on that page, or delete elements to change the design. The added beauty of working online is that multiple users have access to the online yearbook without having to wait until class – simply log in and create a page. No more passing bundles of paper around for people to add their artwork; it’s all saved online.

Got photos on Facebook you want to use? Working online allows you to access images from social media platforms almost instantly, which saves time downloading them to your local machine and uploading them to the online yearbook editor. You can also create secure group photo albums, allowing everyone access to these photos when working on the same project, perfect if you’re delegating the design and content collection to different yearbook committee members, or staff.

You can preview and order your online yearbook too – see how your yearbook looks as a whole and see whether you’re missing any pages or people before you submit your yearbook design for a proof, or for print!

Want to collaborate with friends and design your own yearbook online?

  • Create you yearbook from anywhere with Internet access*
  • Build pages quickly using template layouts
  • Use templates and artwork, or add your own backgrounds and images
  • Several users can have access to your online yearbook

* See required specifications

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This is our last post before the festivities begin! Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, we’ll be back in the New Year with plenty more yearbook ideas 🙂

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