Yearbook Page Ideas – Food Heaven vs Food Hell

“Food glorious food…” as the song goes – we all have food we love to gorge on and food we would rather not eat (and perhaps almost loathe). One thing is for sure, everyone enjoys talking about food. So why not use a foodie debate in your yearbook? Dedicate a yearbook page or spread (two pages) to your fellow classmates’ food faves and food fears. You could also have a section on food fads – what sweets, puddings, biscuits, ice creams, etc. were popular during your school years? How much did they cost? Take photos of these foods to put next to a description and price.

Set up a yearbook food survey to find out people’s idea of food heaven and food hell. The Student Room have their own thread where users share their food heaven/hell and the next user has to agree or disagree, then post their own. This thread started in 2012 and is still going! As mentioned before, people love talking about food – we all eat, so we all get an opinion on what tickles our tastebuds.

Follow us on Twitter and like our yearbooks Facebook page to join in our ‘Food Heaven vs Food Hell’ debate starting on Monday 31st March. Tell us your favourite food(s) – perhaps you’ve cooked some delicious student grub, bought a bargain pud from the supermarket or baked something. Let us know your most feared foods, those dishes that make your stomach turn and left a bad taste in your mouth from day one.

We look forward to seeing your sweet and savoury snaps!


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