Aspirations for the future – in 5 years time…

Your yearbook is a memento of your past years in education and in life – it celebrates times past and exists as an important record of you and your friends. In this post we’re asking you to look to the future – what are your aspirations and what are you planning to do next year, in five or even ten years’ time?

How many times over the last year have you been asked what you see yourself doing in the future? Some leavers who know exactly what career path they want to take, but more often than not others who are still deciding their direction. Future aspirations may be more than just career based – perhaps there’s something you want to achieve within the next five years such as travelling the world, getting your own place, learning to drive or dedicating time to help others.

SPC Yearbooks would like to hear your future plans. Finish the sentence below and post it in our comment box below, post it on our Facebook page or tweet @SPCYearbooks.

“In 5 years time…”


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