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Yearbook Awards for Primary Schools

What could be a better send off for your Year 6 pupils than an award for great work, behaviour, or a certain skill? Maybe you already use classroom awards, in which case you’re a step ahead here. We’ve gathered a few yearbook award ideas specially for primary school leavers’ books.

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Capture your University memories in a yearbook

Are you in your last year of University and about to Graduate? Wondering if a yearbook would be of interest at your Uni or college? Yearbooks are not just for secondary schools and primary schools –SPC often produces yearbooks for Universities as a whole or just for individual societies, halls of residence or a class. Interest for your yearbook will soon follow once you start raising the awareness that one will be produced – once the yearbook buzz hits, all the students will start preparing photos and comments to include in the yearbooks, making your life easier! Help spread the word by making some posters to put up around Campus (particularly the library / SU / halls) to get the ball rolling.

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