Have you thought about making a yearbook?
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Leavers’ Prom Tickets

We think that proms are up there in the top five most exciting events of the school year. What better way to mark the end of your time at school than getting dressed up, booking a fancy car and an even fancier venue, and having a party? But proms can also be kind of expensive, so you’re going to need to sell some tickets. Of course, before you can sell tickets, you’ve got to make tickets.

And that’s where we come in.

Choose one of our ready-made templates or request a bespoke design. You’ll get your tickets 20% cheaper if you order your yearbooks with us too.

How does it work?

Select one of these professionally designed templates or request a custom design. We’ll design your tickets for you and send you a proof to approve. When you’re satisfied, we’ll print and deliver your tickets. It’s just that easy!