Yearbook Theme Idea: Skylines and Cityscapes

Yearbook-Theme-Idea-Skylines-and-Cityscapes.jpgWhether you live in one, or visit now and again cities are exciting places. The buzz, the architecture, the possibilities for a yearbook theme...

A cityscape theme might not be the first thing you think of for a yearbook, but hear us out. This theme opens up a few possibilities – artwork can be as detailed or simplistic as you like. Let's look at two examples: first the simplistic.


Yearbook Theme Idea: Awesome Abstract


An abstract yearbook theme will quench the design tastes of your leavers' year group – hence why we've called it 'awesome'. If you're familiar with the term abstract art, you'll already have an idea about the flexibility of this theme, which is all about experimenting with colour, shape and texture.


Yearbook Theme Ideas: Doodle all the way…


Give your yearbook design the creative edge with a doodle theme. Perfect for primary school yearbooks, and those who... well, love a good doodle! 

Yearbook Hub offers a wealth of doodle-licious backgrounds, clipart and elements, so you can make an eye-catching design quickly and easily. Here are a few tips for achieving a fun and vibrant doodle themed yearbook.


Yearbook Theme Idea-The Secret Diary

Yearbook Theme Idea: The Secret Diary

Jam all your juicy gossip into a secret diary themed yearbook design. It's almost guaranteed to get people picking up a copy for a sneaky snoop – which is great when it comes to selling them to the rest of your year group!



Yearbook Theme Idea: Love to Travel

If your leavers' year group dreams of travelling the world this is by far the best yearbook theme idea for you! I love to travel, I'm a self-confessed roadtrip junkie, so this theme is definitely a favourite of mine and gets me very excitied every time I see schools using it.

Here are a few ideas for your own travel theme, what an amazing journey you have the opportunity to document here!Yearbook-Theme-Idea-Love-to-Travel.jpg


Yearbook Theme Idea-The Social Vibe

Yearbook Theme Idea: The Social Vibe

Who'd have guessed that social media sites would be such an inspiration for a printed yearbook theme? The average UK bodkin spends around 3 hours per day on social media, so it's no wonder we feel at home in our portals of friendom. Our photos and stories sit in neatly stacked timelines, just like a yearbook in fact. Sounds like a great idea for a yearbook theme to me... how about you?


Questions for students and teachers

Yearbook Ideas: Questions for students and teachers (you might not have thought of)

A blank page can be scary to some. Where do you start when writing your yearbook comment, or quote? Leading questions are a great way to guide your fellow year group.

You've probably thought of the obvious ones, like 'nickname', 'most memorable moment', 'favourite colour', 'what will you be doing in 10 years time?', etc. so we've gathered a few more ideas to help you expand your student, teacher and primary yearbook profile questions. 


Proofreading Your Yearbook

How to check and proofread your yearbook

Proofreading is a dirty word. Nobody wants to talk about it, and certainly nobody wants to actually do it (what exactly is a split infinitive, anyway?). Ask anybody – proofreading is not only boring, but it’s hard. Right?

Well, not exactly. When proofreading a yearbook, you don’t have to worry so much about grammar and rhetoric as you do about being mindful of what you’ve created. Think about how upset Fred would be if you set his name to Frida’s picture. It just wouldn’t be right.