Page Idea: What Will Life Be Like 10 Years From Now?

  When I left primary school (way back in 1996), the millennium was close enough to not seem like a lifetime away, but technology wasn’t quite yet going full-steam ahead so there was plenty of opportunity to make crazy assumptions about what the future might hold. If you’ve seen Back To The Future, you’re probably


Make Them Want It! Teaser Posters

Yearbook-marketing-posters.jpgCreating your yearbook is only half the fun. 

We find that a lot of people get close to finishing their yearbook, then realise that they have done very little in the way of promoting it. Imagine you've spent hours perfecting your one-of-a-kind yearbook, to find that none of your fellow leavers know it exists.

Yearbook marketing posters are not only cost effective, they are a quick and simple way to get your message across. We're here to help you with every aspect of your yearbook project, so let's get cracking on the marketing!


Writing comments that people will remember? Don’t Panic!

  We often receive last-minute messages from frantic students (and sometimes teachers!) begging for good comments. Whether you’re writing questions for your classmates to answer, or writing your comment for your individual profile, don’t despair! You’re not alone. We’ve got you covered.


Page Idea: Talk Is Cheep, Say It With A Tweet!

  When Twitter first hit the social media scene, part of the appeal was the strict 140 character limit; meaning that you didn’t have to scroll through huge blocks of text detailing what someone you had a class with three years ago had for breakfast, or the graphic details of your cousin’s messy relationship breakdown.


Learn how to choose constrasting and complementing colours

How to choose striking colour themes

  Are you stuck in a colourful rut? Don’t know your chartreuse from your cerulean? Just what is puce, anyway? (Hint: these are all colours.) Don’t despair. Choosing colours is easy if you follow a few simple rules – and you can even apply these to your everyday wardrobe choices. School or club colours First


Let’s Do The Time Warp – Some Of Our Old Faves

  Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we? Sometimes inspiration can strike in the most useful of ways; when you have loads of time to work on an idea and put something together. This convergence of creativity and free time is much celebrated, but the reality is that it very rarely happens. More


Yearbook Page Idea: Storytelling

This year, January 27th – February 3rd marks National Storytelling Week. Across the country, people are sharing their favourite stories, as well as encouraging others to have a go at telling their own stories. This got us thinking. After all, who doesn’t love a good tale?


Yearbook Marketing Ideas: Flash Mob

  Flash mobs are a great way to get people’s attention and to get a message out there to the public. They’re also a fun way to advertise your yearbook project – and you can get some great photos for it along the way.