Print Only Service – What are the possibilities?

We think our free Yearbook Creator software is easy to learn and fast to use, but if you find the idea of learning new software daunting, why not use something that you are already familiar with? Here at SPC Yearbooks, as part of our DIY Service, we also offer you the chance to create your yearbook using your own design software. In fact, you may already have done the design and just want to get it printed.

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How free photo sharing sites can help your yearbook project…

There are many ways to collect in collage/montage photos for your yearbook – an increasingly popular way is by subscribing to free online ‘photo sharing’ sites such as Facebook, Photobucket, Picasa and Flickr (to name but a few) and setting up collaborative photo albums wherein everyone in your school year is able to drop in yearbook photos. Online collaborative photo albums take away the hassle of emailing content to an individual or set of individuals, enable groups to see one another’s photos, work on the go and socially interact. On the whole, you will find that most sites have the same basic set of tools. They are also in a continual quest to make their site stand out from the rest, which often results in new features that just may make your job as a yearbook creator a whole lot easier – so it’s worth doing a bit of research to see which company’s services will best suit your needs.

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5 top yearbook ideas to get you started…

Are you struggling to decide who works on each yearbook page? List out the pages you want to include and go thorough them one by one, allocating them as you go. If you still can’t decide, you can always draw names out of a hat – it’s one way to solve the dilemma!
If you have lots of people in your yearbook committee, or have multiple people sharing tasks, consider setting up a generic yearbook email address (you could use hotmail or gmail for example) for only yearbook-related correspondence and only allow committee members to access it. Alternatively, set up a separate email address per yearbook department, (eg sales or marketing) but make sure everyone concerned knows which email address to use.
Take your yearbook committee online – use a social network such as Facebook or Twitter to keep up-to-date with committee communication and yearbook progress. Create a Facebook Group and only invite people you want involved to join! Visit to find out more.
If you’re creating your own yearbook (or planning to submit a design brief to SPC), but struggling for design ideas and inspiration, try making a mood board. Take magazine cuttings and collect anything that catches your eye i.e. scraps of material, papers, etc. and put these on your mood board to show to other committee members. We’ve posted loads of yearbook theme ideas here on the blog.
Drum up extra business by running a ‘win a free yearbook’ contest – advertise that everyone who orders a yearbook will automatically be entered to win their copy for free and draw the name of the lucky winner later in the year.

This is our last post of 2011, but we’ll be back on 4th January 2012 to bring you more help, ideas and resources for your yearbook project. A very merry Christmas and a happy New Year from all the staff at SPC Yearbooks.

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Win £250 off your yearbooks!

With just 4 weeks of term time left in 2011 and the festive season just round the corner, here at SPC Yearbooks we thought we’d get into the spirit of it all and offer our customers the chance of winning £250 off their yearbooks!
All you need to do is to return your completed yearbook order form by 23rd December 2011 and you’ll automatically be entered into the festive prize draw. As always, there is no deposit required and you can change your yearbook page counts and quantities right up until the point we go to print. There are five different yearbook services to choose from and the lucky winner will be announced in the New Year and will have £250 deducted from their final invoice.
Good luck everyone!
Prize Draw Rules
1. Entry to the competitions is restricted to one entry per yearbook edition ordered.
2. We will submit an entry to all qualifying schools that submit their yearbook order form by the competition closing date.
3. Competitions are open to any group placing an order for 30 yearbooks or more.
4. Prize can only be used in part payment for the yearbook edition stated on the order form.
5. Winners will be chosen at random from all valid entries.
6. Winners will be contacted via email or phone.
7. The Judge’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered in to.
8. The competition will run from 01/11/2011 until 23/12/2011.
9. SPC Yearbooks is compliant with the data protection act. Our policy is such that we will not pass on your details to any third party without your prior consent.

Get your free copy of our Sample Guide 2012 by clicking here!

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SPC Yearbooks are new suppliers of AWD hoodies

This article has been written to give you a quick overview of what’s new for 2012 in our leavers’ hoodie service. SPC are excited to be new suppliers of All We Do Is (AWDis) hoodies – the ethical hoodie brand that has exploded into the market in the last three and a half years and has since become the most dominant and best-selling brand in Europe.

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Yearbook Theme Ideas – Festival Fever

Summer is here, exams are in full swing and the festival season is upon us with Glastonbury kicking off tomorrow (wellies at the ready). If you’re seeking yearbook theme inspiration to create your own leavers’ book then why not use ‘festivals’ as your yearbook theme? SPC Yearbooks has a few ideas and suggestions to get you started. We also want to hear your ideas – have you had a light bulb moment and wish to share it with other yearbook committees around the globe? If so, send an email to [email protected], comment on this post or visit our Facebook page and leave us a message.

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