Yearbook Awards

Yearbook Awards 2017

  After the success of our 2016 Leavers’ Yearbook Awards, we’re doing it again this year! Here’s your chance to really show off what you’ve achieved using Yearbook Hub, or your own software, and be super-proud of all your hard graft! Submit your entry for the 2017 awards before 31st August. Each category winner will be announced on


Yearbook Page Idea-Through the years

Yearbook Page Idea: Our Form Through the Years

  Have you ever counted the number of hours you’ve spent with your form group? You’ve shared the majority of your teenage years with these people, whether you stay in touch, or not, they will always be a part of your life. To remember just how much you’ve grown together here are a few yearbook


student bloopers yearbook idea

5 Yearbook Page Ideas Other Schools Will Wish They Thought Of

  Every leavers’ yearbook is truly unique to each school, and the more thought you put into your pages the more memorable it’ll be! Here are 5 page ideas plucked from the arms of the yearbook makers themselves. 1. Staff Shout-Out You’ve got your headteacher, head of year and tutors’ comments nailed. What about the


Yearbook Page Idea Pets Corner

Yearbook Page Idea: Pets Corner

  I remember the days of looking after the school pet… checking every few minutes that the much adored fluff ball was still breathing, suitably fed and watered. Thankfully all went well on my (well, my Mum’s) watch. How about giving those four-legged pals a bit of appreciation in your leavers’ yearbook? If you don’t


Yearbook Award Ideas-50 Most Likely to

Yearbook Award Ideas: 50+ Most Likely to…

We thought it was about time to unleash another edition of ‘Most Likely To…” yearbook award ideas. If you missed the last post of suggestions, take a browse here. Dedicate pages of your yearbook to these awards, or incorporate them into you profile pages (ideal if you’re using a question/answer format for your student comments). Coming


Yearbook Theme Idea-Out of this World

Yearbook Theme Idea: Out of this World

I think we’re going to the moon because it’s in the nature of the human being to face challenges. It’s by the nature of his deep inner soul… we’re required to do these things just as salmon swim upstream. Neil Armstrong Although the possibilities of yearbook design may seem as vast as a galaxy, we’re


Yearbook Theme Idea: Scrapbook Theme


The scrapbook theme is one of the more popular yearbook ideas. But for good reason; it looks awesome. There are loads of ways you can create a scrapbook feel, and loads of reasons you should consider it.  

Here's how to put together a scrapbook theme:


Yearbook Design Idea Playful Patterns

Yearbook Design Idea: Playing with Patterns

Thinking of sticking with plain block colour background in your yearbook? Try taking your leavers’ book design one step further by using patterned backgrounds. Patterns don’t have to be bold and ‘in yer face’ – subtle stripes and profound polkadots are more our bag. We’ve put together a few examples showing you how to use patterned backgrounds in


How-to Create a Comic Book Yearbook with the POW Factor

We are big fans of the comic book themed yearbooks, and we're certainly not alone. This fantastic design is perfect for primary schools and easily be adapted for Year 11 (and even Year 13) leavers too. The spread of pages we've designed in the video above took approximately 5 minutes to create. Copy a layout to use again and again, saving tons of time and help achieve a consistent design.