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Musical Quotes – Bumper Collection Post


We know that we’ve done yearbook quotes multiple times in this blog. And here we are again. In our defence, it’s one of the most searched for topics in relation to yearbook content and we get quizzed for ideas on it multiple times each week so we do like to spend a bit of time looking into the very best ideas to give back to you. Music is a seemingly endless goldmine of quote ideas, the chances are if there’s something you feel, it’s probably already in a song somewhere. From the profound and striking to the hilarious and downright ridiculous, we’ve combed through a variety of genres; from the mainstream to the deeply obscure to bring you another music quotes post. Enjoy!

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Announcing Your Yearbook Project

While screaming “we’re making a yearbook!” in a crowded room might get the message out there quickest, it’s probably not going to get people involved in the project and excited for the big reveal. Also, you would look like a lunatic. Luckily, there are better, quieter ways to advertise.

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