The Nitty Gritty of Your Yearbook Committee

When you’re just starting out, you will need to form a yearbook committee to help you manage your yearbook project.

Let everyone know you need people on your yearbook committee, and that the following roles are available:

  • Editor – You will be responsible for giving other members deadlines to meet, deciding upon the design, layout, and theme, and keeping track of what will be included.
  • Marketeer – Marketing is a very important part of getting your yearbook out there. Make sure everyone knows you’re having a yearbook and how much it will cost. If you have a budget, fundraising days can help towards the cost.
  • Editor (for text) and Proofreader – If they’ve been handwritten, you will need to type them up. Someone also has to remind students if their comments still haven’t been handed in. Just as important, you’ll need a proofreader to check through the comments and make sure that they’re appropriate; we would recommend asking a teacher if they could help with this.
  • Photographer – if you’re using a school photographer, you don’t need to worry about the single headshots. You will need to make sure photos are taken at specific events (prom, sports day, etc.) and that students supply you with the pictures that they want included in the yearbooks. You could maybe have 2 people organising photos.
  • Finance Coordinator – you will be responsible for collecting payment from students. It’s probably best left to a teacher or school finance.
  • Staff Supervisor – you will need a teacher overseeing your project to ensure everyone’s included and everything is proof-read before your yearbook is sent to print.

You can designate a single person to each of the above roles or split each role between 2-3 people. Make sure that you get others in your year involved in your yearbook.

That’s Great, But… Now What?

Now you’ve assembled your crack team, you need to know what to talk about.