Join the yearbooks community…

Are you making a yearbook this year? Wouldn’t it be great to join others who are embarking on theirs? Join our social yearbooks community to see what other yearbookers are doing and share your experiences too…
Who should join SPC Yearbooks’ social community?
Anyone starting, half way through, or even in the later stages of making a yearbook! We’re not fussy, students, teachers, parents, PTA members, etc. if you can benefit from fellow peers who are in the same yearbook boat then we welcome you with open arms.

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“Roll up, roll up” Advertising your yearbook

You’re organising a fantastic school yearbook, everyone is going to be featured, the design is going to be amazing and everyone in your yearbook committee is putting in 110% to get it ready to hand out on results day. So how do you tell the rest of your school, families and friends about this fantastic yearbook? Yearbook marketing and advertising! Make sure you spread the word about your yearbook, create a buzz and build excitement to maximise your yearbook sales.

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Love is in the air, now it’s in your yearbook!

The weekend of lurve is fast approaching. I’m sure you’re planning your special dinners, ordering those last minute bunches of beautiful red roses, chick flick cinema tickets and composing those loving text or e-card messages to make your sweetheart feel extra special this Valentines! Have you thought about an everlasting message in your school yearbook?

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World’s worst yearbook photos

Let’s face it, not many of us enjoy having our photo taken at school, but without photos from our wonder years we’ll miss out on remembering our school uniform, our youthful complexion and our awkward ‘say cheese’ grin!
Of course you don’t have to use your official school photos in your yearbook, but we love the sense of nostalgia a yearbook full of school snaps brings. It’s the best way to look back on your school years and say ‘I’m never having my hair cut like that ever again!’, and ‘wow will UGG boots ever be back in fashion?’.

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Why make a school yearbook?

Nothing beats sitting down with an old photo album and having a giggle at snaps from days gone by. A yearbook holds the same sense of nostalgia, preserving those once in a lifetime memories of your school days, friends, haircuts, cheeky grins, exotic (and not such exotic) school trips!
Whether your school has a long-running yearbook tradition or not, you should definitely make a school yearbook and here are just a few reasons why…

Remember your school friends and teachers
‘What am I wearing?!’ Remember what hairstyles and clothes were fashionable
Claim to fame – you can actually prove you went to school with a famous person!
Old flames, first love – remember your high school sweetheart!
Revisit comments and messages from friends and teachers – perhaps there’s a special motivational comment or inspirational quote to give you that extra push!
Swot up for your school reunion – avoiding that awkward moment when you can’t remember someone’s name.
Make a profit! Any extra money from selling your yearbooks could go towards your prom or be donated to a school project.
Put it on your CV – being part of your school yearbook project is a valuable experience. It demonstrates working as a team, time management, creative skills, and much more.
Enjoy your achievement, all of your hard work has paid off and you’ve got a fantastic yearbook to prove it!

What’s stopping you getting your yearbook off to a flying start right now? Request a FREE yearbook sample pack for help and information on how to get started.

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Show me yearbook examples!

When you’re seeking that spark of yearbook inspiration, it can really help to look at other yearbooks for ideas. Take a look at our huge range of yearbook example flipbooks, demonstrating an array of different design approaches from simple and classic, to the super-stylised.

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