Yearbook Page Ideas: Couples of the Year

Welcome to the second installment of our fortnight or lurrrrve posts. If last week’s yearbook confessions weren’t enough, here’s another great page idea to give you the warm and fuzzies – a yearbook couples page. Facebook has them, so why don’t you?
We’re going to lovingly explore the following in this post:

How to create a yearbook couples page
Yearbook couples page alternatives

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Yearbook Page Ideas: The Truth Is… Confessions

It’s the fortnight or lurrrrve, so we thought we’d celebrate with a coulple of fun yearbook page ideas to fit the mood. In this first installment we’ll get all those secrets off your chest with a leavers’ confessions page.
The following will be uncovered in this post:

How to write a yearbook confession
Confessions page design ideas
Yearbook confession examples

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The best yearbook quote ideas (on Earth)

Yearbook quotes are the bread and butter of any yearbook sandwich (can you tell it’s lunchtime?). There’s a world full of amazing quote ideas and you need just one! Well, let us help find the perfect yearbook quote, just for you.
Yearbook quote ideas to get you started: 

Funny quotes
Song lyrics
Teacher quotes

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What Pages Should Be in a Yearbook?

This question has been put to us by many a’ yearbook customer and it’s a very good one! Although there is no actual answer, we can still give you a few helpful pointers on what we see in great yearbook examples. Has this been a helpful answer? Probably not, so here are some suggestions on ways to ensure that your yearbook has the ‘must-have’ pages and flows perfectly.

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The Annual SPC Christmas Jumper Competition

Our Christmas Jumper Day 2015 has raised £124.37 for Save The Children.
There isn’t another day of the year that quite compares to walking into the office on Christmas Jumper Day. And the jumpers on display this year were quite incredible – so good in fact, that rather than just awarding one prize as planned we had to pop to the shop to buy more prizes!

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Yearbook Design Ideas – Let’s get graphical

Thought it only happened in the 80’s? Well I’m please to tell you bold, bright and in your face is back and looks fantastic in a yearbook!
I grew up in the 80’s, listened to Culture Club and loved jelly shoes, but that’s beside the point. Choosing a design that’s going to be to everyone’s liking is tough, even close to impossible, but you won’t go far wrong with a timeless pattern-based yearbook design. Geometric shapes and patterns have been back in fashion for a while now, and we’re going to look at how this trend can be used in your yearbook design.
Where should you look for inspiration?

Fashion blogs
Interior design trends
Our ‘Yearbook Design Ideas’ Pinterest board

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Yearbooks Design Idea: Using Infographics

We love infographics, and we make them all the time. They’re a great way of displaying information in a visual format. And we think theyre a pretty awesome design idea.
We also think that an infographic could look incredible in your  yearbooks. And there are so many ways they can be used; so we have put together some ideas on how you could feature infographics in your yearbook. 
Tell a story
Your yearbooks should tell a story. The story of your time at school. And infographics are great tools for telling stories. You can create a timeline of events, plotting specific years or even your entire life at school.

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Yearbook Quote Idea: Song Lyrics

Song Lyrics
You know that feeling, when you realise that a song knows you better than you know yourself? And sometimes a song lyric can say what you want to say better than you can…
We don’t really want to recommend too many specific song lyrics, as the best way to do this is to get lyrics from your personal favourite songs, or from your favourite artists.
We think that song lyrics make great yearbook quotes. And this is certainly one of our favourite yearbook ideas. So here are some that we think would work really well in a yearbook, and some from our favourite songs.

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