Yearbook Page Idea: Show off your Greatest Achievements

A leavers’ yearbook isn’t just about remembering each other – it’s also about remembering your own, and other leavers’ achievements. How else are you going to prove your were the best [insert amazing skill here]?
Achievement pages differ a little to yearbook award pages in that they celebrate school-related achievements. These could be for sports, attendance, or extra curricular/out-of-school club achievements.
Now here’s something I don’t get to say (or write) very often – an achievements yearbook page is perfect for both primary and secondary leavers’ books! Let’s take a look at some achievement ideas for each…
What’s in the post?

Student achievement ideas (for primary and secondary students)
Design ideas for an Achievements yearbook page

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Yearbook Theme Idea: Game of Thrones-esque design & yearbook quote ideas

There’s a lot of chatter around our office and the design Studio about Game of Thrones. Fantasy landscapes, dragons and a constant battle for power (similar to the likes of Harry Potter, Star Wars and Lord of the Rings I suppose).
We 100% condone using a cult TV series or film as inspiration for your yearbook design. Let’s take a look at some design ideas for a Game of Thrones-esque yearbook.
What will we cover in this post?

Game of Thrones yearbook design ideas
Game of Thrones yearbook quote ideas

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What’s the difference between leavers books and leavers’ autograph books?

School leavers’ year gifts are a lovely touch and they help students look back on plenty of amazing memories. You’ve probably noticed there are quite a few leavers’ products to choose from, but sometimes the differences are not all that clear.
This is our cue to swoop in and clear up any confusion. This week we’re looking at leavers’ books and leavers’ autograph books – what’s the difference? How can each of them be used? We’re going to set this straight, and even give you some ideas for each one along the way.
What’s the difference between leavers’ books and autograph books?

Leavers’ books explained (with page ideas)
Leavers’ autograph books

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Yearbook Page Idea: Dressing Up & Dressing Down (including World Book Day)

Any excuse to work on an outfit and become someone, or something else for the day. Dressing up is not only fun, it’s an important part of learning too. Many schools invest in a dress-up box to ignite the imagination and tell a story.
World Book Day is the perfect example of this and I bet parents and teachers took oodles of photos. I know I saw at least ten of my friends put up a pre-school run snap of their little darlings dressed up on Facebook. These gems definitely have a place in every school’s leavers’ yearbook.

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Yearbook Page Idea: The Funny, The Best & The Fondest

Pop down that revision book for just a moment and give yourself some time to remember, I mean really think about your first really vivid memory of school. A leavers’ yearbook is all about celebrating the times at school, college, or University you never want to forget, so why not have a page (or a few pages) and collect all of those stand-out memories together?
There’s no better place to gather your vivid memories than a ‘Remember when…’ yearbook page. 

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Yearbook Page Ideas: What did it Cost?

Do your elders often utter lines like “I remember when [insert item] only cost [insert ridiculously cheap price]” and “…never cost that in my day” now and again? Yep, mine too and with this week’s yearbook page idea, you’ll qualify to quote similar reminiscent lines to your own future family.
A ‘What did it Cost?’ yearbook page will help you remember prices of your favourite stuff for years to come.

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Yearbook Page Ideas: What’s on your Bucket List?

Bucket lists are great for keeping your life goals in check. You can make lists for places to travel, new skills to learn, or simply to tick off certain lifetime milestones. How about this for a yearbook page idea – putting your year groups’ bucket list in your yearbook. It’ll definitely give you something to talk about at your reunion!

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How to make your yearbook totally unique

We all like a bit of individuality right? Something that makes us unique to the rest. Shouldn’t a yearbook be unique too? If you answered ‘yes’ then good on you, we agree!
Granted the title of this post is a contradiction. Every yearbook is unique, in the seven years I’ve been here no two single yearbooks have ever been the same. However I want to give you some bonus ideas to make your yearbook even more unique (that should have been the title, really).

Unique yearbook design
Unique yearbook profiles
Unique yearbook page ideas

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