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Page Idea: What Will Life Be Like 10 Years From Now?

When I left primary school (way back in 1996), the millennium was close enough to not seem like a lifetime away, but technology wasn’t quite yet going full-steam ahead so there was plenty of opportunity to make crazy assumptions about what the future might hold. If you’ve seen Back To The Future, you’re probably sorely disappointed to learn that the closest thing we have to the hover board is the ‘self balancing scooter’; (you know, those two-wheeled contraptions that just scream ‘broken bones!’).  While some of the more elaborate predictions haven’t quite made it to reality, there are a fair number of things that were accurately foretold. Big Brother’s surveillance society, anyone?

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Page Idea: Talk Is Cheep, Say It With A Tweet!

When Twitter first hit the social media scene, part of the appeal was the strict 140 character limit; meaning that you didn’t have to scroll through huge blocks of text detailing what someone you had a class with three years ago had for breakfast, or the graphic details of your cousin’s messy relationship breakdown. Yes, Twitter made it easier to cut through the noise and forced people to be more creative with what they were saying out in the public arena. Good times.

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