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Let’s Do The Time Warp – Some Of Our Old Faves

Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

Sometimes inspiration can strike in the most useful of ways; when you have loads of time to work on an idea and put something together. This convergence of creativity and free time is much celebrated, but the reality is that it very rarely happens. More likely is the realisation that you have less than a week to finalise a theme for your yearbook before the whole thing needs signing off. And you forgot to tell Mary that she needs to give you a different quote. And your form tutor doesn’t even know that he needs to write a goodbye letter. You get the idea; it’s all too easy to let time run away from you when you have a lot on your plate.

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Top yearbook title suggestions…

Just like your favourite novels, yearbooks need a title too! Titles are a great way of introducing your yearbook and really putting that personal stamp on it. Be extra clever and think of a title that perfectly sums up your time in school or your year. Or you can choose a more traditional title for your front cover and/or title page of your leavers’ book. Does your yearbook follow a particular theme such as sport, music, film or theatre? If so, tailor the title to fit your theme.

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