It’s easy to create a primary school yearbook

Help your pupils treasure their early years forever by making a yearbook.

Yearbooks make great class, or PTA projects. We’ll give you the tools to create your own yearbook online.

Yearbooks for Primary Schools

Yearbook page ideas

Here are just a few primary school yearbook page ideas to get you inspired:

  • Pupil profile pages – ask each pupil to write down their favourite memories, or give them a short list of questions to answer
  • Awards pages – crown your pupils for their greatest achievements, such as ‘friendliest person’, ‘most talkative’, ‘funniest person’, etc.
  • Photo pages – sports day, school trips and drama productions: all of these are worthy of a photo montage
  • News and events – get your budding reporters on the case writing about news and events during their time at primary school
  • Art gallery – showcase outstanding creations by your talented artists, you could even get them to design your yearbook cover
primary school yearbooks

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