Yearbooks Design Idea: Using Infographics

We love infographics, and we make them all the time. They’re a great way of displaying information in a visual format. And we think they’re a pretty awesome design idea.

We also think that an infographic could look incredible in your yearbooks. And there are so many ways they can be used; so we have put together some ideas on how you could feature infographics in your yearbook.

Tell a story

Your yearbooks should tell a story. The story of your time at school. And infographics are great tools for telling stories. You can create a timeline of events, plotting specific years or even your entire life at school.

Display some facts

You could use an infographic to provide an overview of your time at school. Not a timeline, but a collection of facts about the last few years you spent together. This could be a really cool way of starting the yearbook. Plus – everyone likes facts, right?


Infographics can be an awesome way of displaying a range of memories that you might not feel justify their own pages in your yearbook. This works particularly well if you can sum up the memories in one or two sentences.

How to make an infographic

If you have some design experience and access to a design programme such as Adobe Indesign then you could create your own infographic.

Alternatively there are plenty of sites out there that provide online software with templates to make creating infographics easy. Two of our favourites are Canva and Pictochart.

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