Yearbooks for your Club, Event, or Company

At first glance, it’s easy to assume that a yearbook is exclusively for schools and university leavers; however, there are many great events and celebrations that can be covered in a yearbook.

While we often create yearbooks to reflect on all the time spent at an educational establishment, yearbooks and annuals can be used for so many other clubs and events. So much can happen in a year – what will you want to cover in your memory book?

Anniversaries of charity groups and organisations are a great topic to cover, providing a vast amount of content to use as you look back over your storied history. Gather together photos, collect comments by those involved, and document worthy achievements over the past months, years, or decades.

Create a retrospective journal for your sports clubs to celebrate years of success; include match reports and any photos of the action.

Make a book as a gift for the staff of your company. Did you take part in any teambuilding activities outside of work, or organise sponsored events to raise money for charity? That photo of your boss dressed up as Lady GaGa is a definite for the front cover!

Is your theatre company looking to produce a programme for their next production? Why not take it a step further and produce something that will engage your audience before they have even sat down – have a timeline of the production, from the start of rehearsals to the finished show. Share the challenging highs and lows in your own commemorative memory book.

Whatever your project, challenge, holiday or event, we’re sure that your friends, family, colleagues and team would love to see their memories captured in a quality book which they can keep for years to come.

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