Yearbook theme ideas – viva vintage chic

Fun, free-spirited and fashionable – the vintage-look is extremely popular at the moment. In Yearbook Hub there are plenty of vintage yearbook theme ideas to play with and a wealth of resources for inspiration:

  1. Look at fashion and home-style magazines.
  2. Put the word ‘vintage’ into a search engine and browse through some of the sites for design ideas.
  3. If there are any vintage fairs happening near you, visit them for ideas and get you hands on some truly vintage bits and bobs to use in your design, such as buttons, lace, ribbon, vintage fashion magazine pages, etc.
  4. Looking for yearbook page background ideas? Take a look at and check out some vintage revived patterns.
  5. Ask your family if they have anything from the 1950’s, 60’s, 70’s or 80’s which would be suitable to use.

The key to achieving the vintage look is to use layering, similar to a scrapbook yearbook theme. Choose a range of patterned material backgrounds (or for something slightly more minimal try polka dots or candy stripes) and layer objects like buttons, string, luggage tags, old postage stamps, bunting and anything else you find that you wish to include, over the top.

In previous design-related posts I have recommended sticking to 3 colours and keeping your yearbook design consistent throughout – with a vintage design theme you can almost throw the rule book out of the window! (I say almost as you still ideally need to keep things like student profile pages and other layouts the same on each page). Mixed patterns, colours and objects are actually part of the charm of vintage style.

We would love to know how you get on with this or any of our other yearbook theme design ideas. Leave a comment below or email us.