Yearbook Theme Ideas – Vintage Chic and Patriotic

In spirit of the upcoming Jubilee celebrations and the popularity of vintage style and influence, here are yearbook theme ideas and design tips based around vintage chic and patriotic artwork for your yearbook. If you missed out on our previous yearbook theme ideas click here to see more.

Patriotic theme – using flags

Incorporate flags into your yearbook design – this could be bunting across the top of each yearbook page or across the middle to break the page up into sections.

Use flag artwork for your background – for a touchable, textured appearance use a canvas or fabric printed flag, or manipulate your flag using photo-editing software to achieve a texture effect (in Photoshop use Filters).

Add flags as decorative items to your yearbook pages. If you are an international school, why not include each students’ flag as part of their profile page or section?

Original vintage vs modern vintage yearbook themes

Yearbooks from the 1920s to the 1960s are fascinating to browse – the clothes, haircuts and general design and style of the yearbooks. If you’re looking for clean and simple vintage design inspiration, these are great to look at. Colour pages were a rare novelty back in those days, so how lucky are we to have full colour yearbooks these days? This blogger’s husband is an avid collector of old yearbooks and has a few photos of original yearbooks from the past:

If you would prefer to use more modern vintage artwork in your yearbook, choose pastel colour backgrounds (blue, green, grey, purple, orange, pink, brown, etc.) and vintage influence patterns such as polka dots, candy stripes, stars, checks, etc.

Why not crown those victorious on your awards page? Design your own crown to incorporate into the yearbook page. Elaborate, decorative photo frames fit perfectly with any vintage yearbook theme – use frames in your montage pages and/or for each student photo on your profile pages.