Yearbook theme ideas – sporting spirit

Are you a specialist sports school or college? Do you have a competitive sports team? Why not create a sports themed yearbook or include a sports themed section within your yearbook?

  • Page backgrounds – the markings of a sports field, pitch, court, etc, work well for sports such as football, netball, hockey or basketball. Alternatively you could montage loads of your sports photos and use them as your yearbook page backgrounds (although this may look a little busy if creating a photo montage page).
  • Page titles – score cards and boards are ideal for displaying your class name and general page headings.
  • Awards pages – make the most of your silverware with clip art or photos of medals, rosettes and trophies on your yearbook awards pages – you could use these next to the person’s name or as a background for the person’s photo.
  • You could incorporate associated sporting equipment into your design, such as a football, goals, whistles, hockey sticks, rackets, balls, etc. Use these as part of your background, page titles or for your page numbers. Pictures of sports equipment also look great on a yearbook front cover.

Does your school, college or university excel in a particular sport? If so, theme your yearbook to that particular sport. Use your school team’s kit colours to ‘brand’ the yearbook. These colours could be used in blocks down the outside of each page or as your font colours.

You don’t have to use the sports theme all the way through the yearbook; you could just use it for your school team’s pages or to report on sports days and successful games/matches against other schools.