Yearbook theme ideas: Scrapbook pin board design

Scrapbook pin board yearbook theme idea – design tips and ideas

Yearbooks are in essence a gathering of your memories and things you feel are important/fun to revisit – similar to a pin board!

  • Choose a cork board texture for your background. This is the base of your design which you can fill as much or as little as you wish.
  • Use pins, tape and paper clips to create the effect of photos being pinned or attached to your board. Why not use polaroid photo frames on images for an ultra scrapbook effect?
  • Add sticky notes, lined note paper or paper scraps for text entries.
  • Prom, travel, gig, theatre, etc. tickets look great on pin boards – simply scan them in to use in your ‘create your own’ yearbook or supply them to SPC to include.
  • Personalise your pin board by adding some fun shapes, sketches or characters (this is ideal if it’s your own yearbook profile page)

If you want a bit of variation in your yearbook design, use a pin board theme on just one, or a few select pages such as, profiles (teacher/student), things we remember, photo montages or the yearbook committee thank you page.