Yearbook theme ideas – At the Movies style

The ultimate in glamorous yearbooks – scrolling film, popcorn, and a red carpet. You can make a really fun and unique movie theme, there’s plenty of inspiration – just visit your local cinema or movie theatre and take a look around.

You can go for a very slick, highly designed yearbook style – ask someone who is a dab hand at drawing to provide some illustrations for your yearbook page designs. Use images of film reels and put your photos inside the border to look super-authentic. ‘Walk of Fame’ gold stars are great for yearbook awards pages; just write the recipient’s name inside along with their award title.

Graphics of movie tickets or clapper boards are ideal for profile pages. Go for a ultra Hollywood theme with neon lettering for page titles and a red carpet running throughout, holding your page numbers perhaps.

Ask each tutor group to come up with a favourite film which could be the theme of their profile pages, and then take a vote to make sure that everyone gets a say in which theme is chosen. Be careful not to break any copyright rules; just use the film’s genre as inspiration for your design i.e. a western, a sci-fi, a rom-com, etc.

If you have a bit of time put aside, recreate some famous movie stills within your year group and photograph them to include in title pages.

This theme gives you the license to mix it up and use a wealth of colours, so don’t be afraid to experiment and put your school’s stamp on a movie yearbook theme.

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