Yearbook Theme Ideas – Movie Mania

Movie themed yearbook designs present a wide choice of possibilities, there’s lots of fun to be had here! Choose your favourite movie genre or base the whole yearbook on one particular movie. Here are some examples of using movie genres for inspiration:

Use bright colours and lots of speech bubbles, even create your own 3D or 2D animated-style characters.

Rom-com / teen movie
Hearts, pastel colours, lots of scrapbook elements on each page. Use bubbly, rounded, friendly fonts.

Planets, stars, give a fantasy feel. Lines of code and numbers, space ships, even make your own little aliens.

Think ‘big stage’ and preppy fonts, introduce your cast at the beginning of each set of profile pages.

You can still use the classic movie theme elements such as film reels, clapperboards, movie cameras, etc. in your design. For a more general movie theme for your yearbook, click here to read our post ‘At the Movies’.