Yearbook Theme Ideas: Doodle all the way…

Give your yearbook design the creative edge with a doodle theme. Perfect for primary school yearbooks, and those who… well, love a good doodle!

Yearbook Hub offers a wealth of doodle-licious backgrounds, clipart and elements, so you can make an eye-catching design quickly and easily. Here are a few tips for achieving a fun and vibrant doodle themed yearbook.

Ditch the detail

You’ve got an A4 page to cover, so keep your doodles big and bold to give most impact. Very detailed drawings will take a lot longer to create, and may get covered up by other content. Swirls, stars, hearts and flowers are just a few popular shapes you can adopt in your design.

Go colour crazy

For primary school yearbooks colourful pages are almost essential in our opinion. Choose three core colours to work with and watch your vibrant creation come to life!

Year 11 and Year 13 yearbook designs may prefer something more muted and typographic. Colouring books are a great source of inspiration, previously we’ve written about an interactive yearbook cover, which is along similar lines.

Frames and foliage

This theme cries out for clipart and element embelishment. If you find yourself with a blank space, fill it with a doodle! Add fun frames to your photos and don’t be too precious about getting a perfect fit – doodles don’t conform to perfection!

Friendly fonts

Due to the informal nature of doodles, it’s important to use a friendly font for your text. Handwritten fonts (such as School Bell, Bubblegum Sans and Happy Monkey) fit this theme really well. Make sure you choose a font that’s readable in paragraphs of text. Sans serif fonts (such as Arial, Helvetica and Verdana) work well too and suit a more grown-up design.

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I hope we’ve inspired you to try out our doodle yearbook theme. Have a play with Yearbook Hub’s ready-made backgrounds (Backgrounds > Doodles) and elements (Elements > Doodles). We’d love to see what designs you come up with.