Yearbook theme ideas – Comic book-style revisited

I’m sure many of you will be familiar with the art movement during the 1950’s and 60’s called ‘Pop Art‘. This art craze is a great inspirational resource for your comic book yearbook theme (take a look at our more recent post which includes extra comic book theme ideas).

Take a look at Roy Lichtenstein’s work – he was an American artist famous for his comic strip paintings of the 1960’s, these were made up entirely of dots to simulate the half tone effect of print. Like Roy Lichtenstein, you could create a highly stylised comic-style design.

If you’re creating your yearbook yourself you could use photos of your school and apply a half tone effect onto them. Use this artwork in your yearbook page backgrounds. Speech bubbles are a great device for telling a story throughout your yearbook. Put a black outline around each speech bubble for a classic comic-book effect.

Another pop artist to look at is Andy Warhol – his technique and style was different to Lichtenstein’s as, in his early work, he replicated a screen printed effect (a little later on he discovered that actual screen printing was faster than painting onto canvas). He painted everyday household objects, like a can of soup or a bottle of coke; these Pop Art pieces were bold and colourful works of art from which you can take inspiration when designing your yearbook.

Again, use photos of your school (or photos from trips) and trace outlines of shapes such as each side of the school building, windows, doors etc. and colour each element in one block colour (this can be done by hand and scanned in, or on the computer). You could also add a black outline to each element for a super comic-style effect.

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