Yearbook Theme Ideas: Classic Theme

This is the David Beckham of yearbook themes. It’s suave, good looking, and you could search every corner of the earth and still fail to find a single person who dislikes it.

If you’re interested in this look, we have some great advice for creating your very own David Beckham classic theme.

The classic theme is simple, clean, and stylish. It creates a professional yearbook, the design of which will never become outdated. There are some key points to remember when trying to create a classic theme.

Keep it clean.

When putting together a classic theme, remember that white space is your friend. There is no room for clutter or patterns or anything that isn’t essential. Other than images, words, and borders, don’t be afraid to have big blocks of white.

The classic theme is simplistic, minimalist and elegant. Don’t ruin that with unnecessary clutter.

It shouldn’t all be white though. it still needs to look good. And whilst your pictures will add some colour, don’t be afraid to use colourful borders or dividers. As long as you only use a handful on contrasting colours, this can really add to the overall look. And is still in keeping with a classic theme.

Make it structured.

Using a classic theme means that you need to put more focus on a structure. With other themes, such as a comic book or scrapbook theme, it is okay to have content in a seemingly random order. But with the classic theme, you need to consider the structure of the entire yearbook. Not only the structure of each individual page, but the overall structure.

All of your pages need to be put together in a clear and coherent order. So that it reads like a book. With a clear beginning, intriguing middle, and some sort of ending. This might seem like hard work, but we definitely think it is worth it. There’s a reason that the classic theme is one of the most popular.

Let the content do the talking.

Content is king. Never has that phrase been more true than when discussing the classic theme. With this theme, you don’t need any gimmicks or illustrations, it is all about the content.

So if you are considering using this theme. Remember, your pictures need to be good, and any written content needs to be engaging and well written. The classic theme is all about making your content easier to read. So your content needs to be worth it.

There are no two ways around it, the clean and classic theme is a great yearbook idea. If you think that this theme is right for you, then download Yearbook Creator today and get creating.