Yearbook theme ideas – A touch of glamour with pearls and feathers

Here’s yet another yearbook theme idea to feed your imagination and help you design your own yearbook. Decorative yearbook design elements such as velvet, pearls, diamonds and feathers offer oodles of options for fans of fashion and vintage design and create the perfect setting for a glamorous prom page, or a romantic tone for yearbook couples’ pages.

Find some suitable heavy material, such as velvet. Either photograph it or use a scanner (make sure your settings are ‘best quality‘ or at least 300 dpi) to create your image to load into Yearbook Hub’s Manage Photos page and include in your own yearbook design.

Photograph pearls (either on their own or strung pearls such as a necklace) and other jewels. Remove the image background in image editing software, such as Photoshop and save as a .png to retain the transparency. These can be used as part of photo frames, for the folio (page number) or just scattered on your page for interest.

For a very vintage chic yearbook design, use lace around the edge of each page or use as frames for photos or comments. Ribbons and bows are also great for page decoration – again, scan or photograph the items you wish to use and remove the image background before saving as a .png with a transparent background.

Elegant script fonts work well with glamorous style yearbook designs. We recommend using script/decorative fonts for short text entries such as page titles and names, but use a font that is easy to read (such as Arial, Helvetica or Calibri) for longer text entries.