Yearbook Theme Idea: The Secret Diary

Jam all your juicy gossip into a secret diary themed yearbook design. It’s almost guaranteed to get people picking up a copy for a sneaky snoop – which is great when it comes to selling them to the rest of your year group!

The cover that begs to be opened…

Hopefully you’ve seen a few fictional diary books like The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Dork Diaries and Girl Online. There are a few key design traits to a diary-style cover…

Get personal. No diary sees 12 months of use and stays pristine. Give you diary-style yearbook oodles of personality with hand-drawn scribbles, a few scuffs and coffee stains. This time you’re allowed to graffiti your cover! Add a ‘Top Secret’ stamp to tempt your readers in for more.

Mix up your fonts. Use a standard font for your yearbook title, such as Arial, Helvetica, or Times then use a handwritten font for your sub-title. Here’s a quick example:

Go all out scrapbook-style. A diary is just like a scrapbook, so why mess with tradition? Layer up lots of clipart and elements to make your yearbook cover truly personal to your year group! Get some scrapbook theme tips from a previous post.

Authentically diarylicious

Want to be completely authentic with your diary design? Use an actual diary-style background on your pages, such as lined or square paper (in Yearbook Hub’s Scrapbook section).

The most personal diary designs are the best! Fill your pages with little notes and memories. Caption your photos using a handwritten font, and let your student & teacher comments be free and not confined to the lines on the page. Be playful!

Doodles really bring this theme to life. Use some of the hand drawn artwork in Yearbook Hub’s elements library. Give your photos a torn edge and the appearance of being taped onto the page. Layer up frames and add a splash of colour using marker felt scribbles behind short text entries.