Yearbook Theme Idea: Sporting Champions

Sporting Champions

Sports don’t build character, they reveal it. And a sporting theme could reveal everything that is great about your year group.

If you go to a specialist sports college, or just happen to have a number of amazing sports teams and future Olympians, then you might want to consider a sports theme for your yearbook.

Page backgrounds

There are so many possibilities if you want to use sports inspired backgrounds. You could use the markings of a sports pitch or court, or montage loads of photos of your sports teams and use them as the background.

Page Titles

Score cards and boards are ideal for displaying your class name and general page headings. Use digital style fonts or ‘Jersey Letters’, which you can download for free from

Awards Pages

Every single sport in existence love awards. Whether it’s player of the match, the golden boot, or MVP’s, sports awards are everywhere. This means that the possibilities for sports themed awards pages are endless.

Sports equipment

It goes without saying really but clipart (or photographs) of sporting equipment will really help create your sporting theme.

Love this yearbook idea? You could consider using infographics to display some stats about your sports team.