Yearbook Theme Idea: Scrapbook Theme

The scrapbook theme is one of the most popular yearbook design and for good reason; it looks awesome. There are loads of ways you can create a scrapbook feel, and loads of reasons you should consider it.  

Here’s how to put together a student page using the scrapbook artwork in Yearbook Hub:

Post it notes

Post it notes are pretty vital to a scrapbook theme. You want to make your yearbook look like it is a ‘work in progress’ like you have worked on it together making notes and jotting down quotes. Post it notes are perfect for this.

Lined paper

Or at least paper of some kind. But using paper as a background or to create a separate section works really well in this theme. Especially if the paper is torn or crumpled in some way.


Using handwriting style fonts and including doodles and arrows that look hand drawn are the perfect way to add those finishing touches to this theme.


Polaroids are a great way to get pictures into a scrapbook theme. They can be used throughout the yearbook, or on the student profile pages. Too much emphasis on these can be a little bit ‘overkill’ though so best to mix it up a little.

Sticky Tape

It’s the small touches that really make a difference. So little things like adding graphics of sticky tape to make it look like pieces of paper or pictures are stuck to the yearbook are really vital.

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