Yearbook Theme Idea: Puzzles for Primary Schools

Stuck in a muzzle while trying to make a puzzle yearbook design? Grab something to guzzle and nuzzle into this post for primary school yearbook inspiration.

Puzzle backgrounds and Elements

Yearbook Hub has a range of pre-designed puzzle backgrounds ready and waiting for you. Page backgrounds with multi-colour puzzle pieces, and single colour backgrounds with white pieces are easy to mix and match within your yearbook. If you prefer, you can choose to keep every page consistent, with one style and even the same colour. Want to add more puzzle pieces to your page? Check the ‘Elements’ tab for the ‘Puzzle’ category to add extra pieces. We recommend doing this after you’ve populated your page with photos and text, so you can fill any empty gaps.

A puzzle theme for primary schools should (in our humble opinion) be bright, bold and engaging.

Yearbook Theme Idea Puzzles for Junior schools

Fun photo masks

The added benefit of a puzzles yearbook theme has to be the fun masks for photos. Have you noticed the photo shapes on the left-hand page example above? If you’ve got time to play, try cutting up one big photo into smaller photos before uploading to Yearbook Hub, then fit the picture back together by putting each of the smaller photos into a puzzle piece.

Once you have the puzzle theme design nailed, why not add a page of puzzles and brain teasers to your yearbook? Give these a try first and let us know how you get on…

  1. Which room in the house is a ghost most afraid of?
  2. Which school teaches you the art of making ice cream ?
  3. What has two arms and a neck, but no head?


  1. The living room
  2. Sundae school
  3. A sweater