Yearbook Theme Idea: Skylines and Cityscapes

Whether you live in one, or visit now and again cities are exciting places. The buzz, the architecture, the possibilities for a yearbook theme…

A cityscape theme might not be the first thing you think of for a yearbook, but hear us out. This theme opens up a few possibilities – artwork can be as detailed or simplistic as you like. Let’s look at two examples: first the simplistic.

Silhouette Skyline

Think about the London, New York, or Sydney skyline – the shape of the Gherkin, Empire State Building, and Opera House are all pretty iconic. Celebrate great architectural form with a silhouette skyline made up of flat shapes. Silhouettes are without the distraction of detail making them perfect yearbook backgrounds.

Play with placement of your skyline – at the top, in the centre (perhaps with a reflection underneath). Use different levels of opacity to give a sense of depth and a variation in colour.

Take a look at the City Scape background category in Yearbook Hub. We’ve used banners for each student name, which can be found in Elements.

Doodles and Photos

On the flipside of silhouettes you can draw (literally) from the amazing detail a skyline provides – windows, doors, chimneys and spires. Keep your colour palette to three colours, but use different shades of those colours for highlights and shadows. We’ve talked about doodle designs in a previous post, line drawings give a really friendly and personal feel and work well with scrapbook elements too.

Another avenue (excuse the pun) is to use photos of the urban jungle. If you live in a city go out there and take some photos. You can easily upload your picture to Yearbook Hub and use them as page backgrounds.

Trips pages

If you feel slightly nauseous at the thought of a whole yearbook using a city scape theme, adopt this exciting theme for your trips pages.