Yearbook Theme Idea: Hot Off The Press!

A lot of people tell us that nobody buys newspapers these days – if that’s true then there’s even more reason to use newspapers as a theme for your Yearbook! All you need is little creativity and some helpful elements using Yearbook Hub; here’s how to get started!

It’s OK To Be Square

One of the hallmarks of newspaper formatting is the box-like appearing. Everything sits in squares or rectangles – Sometimes even using lines to separate the content. The Layouts panel on Yearbook Hub allows you to easily select and add a layout that already has text and image boxes on the page (look under the category Year in Review). From here you can apply a border to each of the boxes and voila! You’ve got that grid-like appearance that is oh-so-newsworthy.

Yearbook Layout

Get Reporting!

Newspapers are also written with quite a distinctive voice; traditionally from a neutral point of view with the intent of relaying the news rather than offering an opinion. A lot of the big newspapers now have websites, which provide a great starting point to see how to write from a reporter’s perspective. The BBC website has lots of sections for different topics, so have a read! Another way to step into reporter mode is to assign an interviewer on your Yearbook Committee. Give them a reporter’s notebook and a pencil, and send them out to get the scoop; there’s nothing quite like experience in the field as they say. Remember to tell your Yearbook’s chief reporter to make sure their stories are accurate – unless of course you want to go for sensationalist stories!

Make The Headlines

Headlines are so-called because they are the most visible part of the news story. The typeface will usually be bold and a lot larger than the rest of the text on the page. Most newspapers also use all caps for front page news, it’s not quite seen as shouting the same way it is when you use caps online! Yearbook Hub has a great selection of fonts that look great bold, CAPITAL, and in italics, so experiment to see what you like the look of.

Yearbook Theme

And Finally…

Give your newspaper a name! Whether you go with something along traditional lines (think Daily Mirror, The Times) and add your school name, or go completely unique and create your own striking alias, make sure your yearbook-newspaper has a title that grabs people’s attention! If, as some people believe, newspapers end up being obsolete in 20 years time, a press-inspired reminder of your school days will become even more nostalgic among your collection.

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