Yearbook Theme Idea: Go Wild

Wallpaper, notebooks, clothes… as an animal-loving nation we can’t resist a bit of animal print. The good news is Yearbook Hub has everything you need to go wild with your yearbook design too!

Animal Print Backgrounds

Leopard or Zebra? Pink, blue or green? There’s plenty of choice to make your yearbook pages look fit for even the fiercest animal kingdom. Make sure you use a shape or element behind your text to ensure it’s readable.

Animal Print Backgrounds in Yearbook Hub

Purrrrfect Fonts

Animal prints already have plenty going on, so your fonts can be less ROAR! and more ‘meow’. In the design above we’ve used Ultra Condensed Sans Serif for titles and Quicksand for the paragraph copy, so the page still has serious style while staying totally legible.

In the example below I’ve used the colour palette in the background for the teacher and student names. In the pink design I’ve used Life savers and (one of my personal favourite fonts) Luna.

Animal Print Yearbook Theme Idea

Clip art and Frames

Treat your photos to a frame. A bit of bling works well with an animal print theme. Contrast textures using a combination of gold frames on larger photos and smaller block colour frames on smaller photos.

Pop a few colour co-ordinated bits of clipart around the page for the all important finishing touches and you’re done!

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