Yearbook Theme Idea: Awesome Abstract

An abstract yearbook theme will quench the design tastes of your leavers’ year group – hence why we’ve called it ‘awesome’. If you’re familiar with the term abstract art, you’ll already have an idea about the flexibility of this theme, which is all about experimenting with colour, shape and texture.

Save time by using a range of pre-designed abstract yearbook backgrounds, elements and clipart in Yearbook Hub, our online yearbook software. Bright, punchy designs made up of simple shapes result in perfect backgrounds to house your wonderful content. Take a look at the examples below, which visually explain this yearbook theme much better than words…

Yearbook abstract theme for page
  • Get to grips with geometric shapes. Tessellated triangles work really well, but use them sparingly to avoid distracting the reader from the stars of the show, your photos and text.
  • To colour, or not to colour? Black and white geometric shapes look great, but this is a yearbook, not a newspaper. Bright colours fit like a glove with this yearbook theme. Don’t be shy – go for yellows, pinks, purples, oranges and blues.
  • Give your titles the edge with angular fonts. Fonts such as Caesar Dressing and Kelly Slab work well (both are available in Yearbook Hub). Remember to use something readable for your student comment entries.

Unlike many other yearbook themes, an abstract design transends age groups. Primary schools, secondary schools, Year 13 and University groups can adopt and adapt this theme to suit their design tastes. Well we did tell you it was awesome!