Yearbook Theme Idea: At The Movies

At The Movies

Everyone loves movies, which means that there is a good chance that everyone will love a movie theme. Using a movie theme can make some other tough decisions much simpler. For example; photos are naturally going to be in either an awards night style or, if you’re feeling adventurous, in fancy dress as your favourite movie characters.

So how do you put together a movie theme? Here are some top tips:

  •  Famous movie stills, this can be time consuming, but also really fun. Get as many people as are willing to get together and recreate some famous ‘stills’ from your favourite movies. 
  • Walk of fame, ever wanted to have your name on one of those stars in the Hollywood walk of fame? Well luckily for you, there are plenty of websites that can make that dream a reality. Not in real life of course, but they can make it look like you have hit the big time. 
  • Clapper Board, take one, action. Clapper boards have become an iconic symbol of all things movie related. Use them on your student pages, or to separate out sections.
  • IMDB Pages, when you want to know more about a film, director or an actor, there is only one place to go, IMDB. The international movie database is the go-to website for everything film related. If you have some design experience you could make your student pages look like an IMDB profile, complete with a bio, ‘did you know’ facts, photos and a ‘known for’ section.
  • Reels of film, reels of film look really good on yearbook pages. They can be used to separate sections, or for titles of photos.
  • Animation, if you are a fan of animated movies and have some talented artists in your school, you could add some animated pages. Use bright colours, speech bubbles and even create your own characters.
  • Get the Rom Com look, whilst we might not all like to admit it, there is nothing better than discovering a new cheesy rom-com on Netflix. Use hearts, pastel colours, scrapbook elements, and bubbly rounded fonts to create this look.
  • Sci fi, If Sci-fi movies are more your thing use planets, stars, lines of code and numbers, space ships, and aliens to give a fantasy feel.
  • Musicals, think more along the lines of Chicago, or Moulin Rouge than Les Miserables for this theme. Unless of course you feel a particular attachment to the French Revolution. Big stage graphics with red curtains and preppy fonts can really make this look come to life.
  • Westerns, this might be a bit of a long shot, as westerns aren’t the most popular genre of movie right now. But we do love our western themed yearbook ideas. Cacti, saloon doors, cowboy boots and tumble weed can add up to a really strong theme. And western style ‘wanted’ pictures could result in some great student profile pages.
  • Comedy, yearbooks themed around comedies can be amazing. Make sure your pictures are in fancy dress, and that you are as funny as you can be with your quotes and memories.

Bonus Yearbook Idea:

Use quotes from your favourite Film and TV shows in your yearbook.