Yearbook Theme Idea: Abstract

We like to refer to our abstract theme as the ‘classic’ theme for people who see things a little bit… ‘differently’.

With the abstract theme, there are no rules. Just be creative and express yourself. We do have some suggestions to make sure you control your creativity enough to make a great looking yearbook.

The abstract theme is one of our favourite yearbook ideas. All the simplicity of a classic theme, but with added fun.

Imagine you designed yourself a classic yearbook, had it printed, sat it down in front of you, pulled out a pack of marker pens and doodled all over it. Decorating each page with shapes and patterns, and framing each photo in a unique style. You would have turned a classic theme into an abstract theme.

Abstract is for people who consider the classic theme to be a little bit boring. Sure it looks good and is professional, but with abstract, you get all that, with added character.

Here are ways to transform your classic look into a stunning abstract yearbook.


Who likes white space anyway? Fill it up with colour. Make it fun. Colour is the essence of creating an abstract look. There’s not a lot we can recommend here, as it really is down to your imagination. But don’t be afraid to use two or three colours on each page.

Patterns and Shapes

Now this is what the theme is all about. Google image search ‘abstract’ and you will see what we mean. Use patterns and shapes of different sizes through the yearbook to create a great abstract look.

Picture Frames

Jazz up the frames around your pictures. Rather than having a consistent frame that is used on every image, mix it up a bit.  Play around with different styles on some photos. Variety is the spice of life.

3D Font

A 3D font isn’t vital when designing an abstract theme. However the two do look good together. Like strawberrys and cream, peanut butter and jam, Beyonce and Jay Z, they just go together.

We think that using an abstract theme is a great  idea. You get the style and structure of a classic theme, but it;s that bit more fun.

If you want to discuss what themes you might like to use, don’t be afraid to tweet us, we are always happy to discuss ideas.