Yearbook Page Idea: We Love Yearbook Colouring

If you’ve walked into your local newsagents in the past twelve months, you’re bound to have seen a growing collection of colouring books for grown-ups. Art therapy has rapidly increased in popularity, so much so, we think a colouring page would make a fantastic addition to your yearbook!

Yearbooks are so creative, a page begging for interaction from your year group (to colour in at the time of receiving them, or years down the line) is a great idea.

If you’re unfamiliar with adult colouring books – have you been living under a rock for the past twelve or more months?! I’m joking of course. Colouring pages are made up of simple black outlines of often quite intricate shapes and pictures. The designs themselves flow from one side of the page to another, so they’re a bit more challenging (or extra theraputic) than you’re average doodle book.

Here are some page design ideas to feed your creative colouring appetite:

Animals – from parrots to cats to penguins, animals are great subjects for colouring pages. Perhaps your school crest, or logo incorporates something from the animal kingdom, or under the sea. Make your animal outline, then go to town filling it in with lots of beautiful shapes.

Flowers – beautiful blooms make great colouring pages! Choose a single species, or a whole bunch, or even make up your own flower. Again, perhaps your school uses a certain flower as part of their branding, so it would be nice to incorporate this into the design.

Food – who, I mean really, who wouldn’t love to colour in a picture of their favourite food? Or group of foods? A real all-rounder subject which is bound to be a hit. Cram as many amazing foods into your yearbook colouring page as you can – that’s a challenge I’m setting just for you!

Words – if like me you’re a fan of word clouds, this could be a fun design to create. Pick words that sum up your year group, your school memories (such as trips, events, etc.). You can also get creative with your school name and incorporate it with any of the ideas above.


The general rule with a colouring page is to make sure the outlines are clear and the design is really fun – even when it hasn’t been coloured in. There are plenty of examples to look at on Pinterest, or even pop to that local newsagents and buy a colouring book for grown-ups to fuel your inspiration.