Yearbook Page Ideas – Trips themed yearbook pages

Struggling for ideas to make your trips yearbook pages stand out? Here are some examples that could help you get started:

This trips yearbook page is very travel related, including world maps, flag bunting and modes of transport. As it is also quite generic, it is suitable for allsorts of different trips pages rather than doing a different design for each place you’ve been to. You could even use the world map idea as a double page spread with pins marking where you’ve visited as a year group.

Example 2:

As well as including the students’ photos, this yearbook example uses specific objects which reminded them of the trips they’ve been on, and includes a write up of where they went and what they got up to. Including flags and landmarks, like the Chicago skyline, helps students to quickly identify which trip each group of yearbook photos relates to. You could collect the students’ photos together, or use group photos of everyone who went.

Example 3:

This design was created for a trip to London in 2012, as it was both the Jubilee and Olympics in London this year. We included the union jack flag and well-known London landmarks in the background, and also used a luggage tag for the title to give the idea of travel. You could use the union jack bunting in our Yearbook Hub online software, if you’d like to create your own patriotic theme.

Example 4:

These pages are from our sample yearbook and retain the same theme throughout the yearbook. Group all photos for each trip together on a yearbook page, you can also include a write-up about the trip if there’s anything specific you want to include, as shown on the second page.

If you’re creating your own yearbook design, use our Yearbook Hub software – you can use our library of page backgrounds and/or upload your own background images and scrapbook elements.

Imagery Ideas:

  • Flags of the country/countries you’ve visited
  • Photos of your travels
  • Maps / world maps / map pins pointing to where you’ve visited.
  • Modes of transport
  • Images of any famous landmarks you’ve visited
  • Images of specific objects from your travels
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