Yearbook Page Ideas: Gettin’ Quizzy with It – Quizzes and Brainteasers

Brain training, Sudoku, ‘which cat matches your personality?’ as a nation we can’t resist a good quiz. A leavers’ yearbook opens up a whole realm of quiz possibilities, from ‘guess who?’ to ‘celebrity look-a-likes’ to some brain-bulging questions about things that happened during your time at school.

If you fancy inviting your yearbook to get quizzy let’s get down to quiz business (feel the power of the quiz master).

Let’s start with the more common yearbook quizzes…

Guess Who? (Dig out those baby photos!)

You were cute as a child, right? And would anyone be able to guess it was you? Or could your dribbly baby snap be the red herring of the bunch?

Students and teachers can get involved with this one – gather those cutesy-wootsy baby pics for a photo montage-style page and number them. Ask people to guess who is who and don’t forget to put the answers somewhere in your yearbook, otherwise some may spend an unhealthy amount of time trying to work them out!

Celebrity look-a-likes (aka separated at birth)

Always being stopped for an autograph? Do people glance twice in the street and whisper “is that the girl from Twilight?”. If yes, then it sounds like you’re destined for a celebrity look-a-likes page! Pick out your top celeb dopplegangers and arrange them (again, numbered) on the page for people to guess their celeb twin.

My science teacher was the spitting image of Walter White from Breaking Bad, so it seems this won’t just work for students, but teachers can get involved in a famous faces quiz too. It’s pretty essential to include photos of the look-a-like somewhere, otherwise it’ll just be a bunch of celebs to swoon over, lacking the quiz element slightly.

Another take on the celebrity photos idea – hunt down those ever-popular celeb yearbook pictures and play a ‘Guess Who?’ game with them. Has anyone seen the Nicholas Cage one?

The Great Leavers’ Year Quiz

If you taste for quizzes is a little closer to home, why not create your own set of questions specifically about things that happened during your time at school?

  • Was there a famous mishap in the canteen?
  • Who scored the most goals, points, etc. in your sports teams?
  • Who got the most merits overall?
  • What were the three top fashion must-haves?
  • What was the name of your classroom’s resident plant?
  • What colour is the door to the learning resource library?

However random the questions get, it’s fun to see how observant the rest of your year group is!

Most likely to…

Usually we’d talk about a ‘Most likely to…’ page in the context of yearbook awards, but not today folks, as we’ve seen how this could be a perfect fit for a quiz page to boot. List down some ‘most likely to…’ ideas, we’re talking along the lines of:

  • Most likely to become a farmer
  • Most likely to marry their school sweetheart
  • Most likely to marry a rich man / woman
  • Most likely to get asked for ID when they’re 30
  • Most likely to take over the world

Leave a nice big space for people to write their answer/opinion – it’s unlikely there’ll be just one ‘right’ answer to some of these anyway. Compare answers on leavers’ day, or at your ten year reunion!

Traditional Crossword

A yearbook quiz page with photos and elaborate questions can sometimes be just to much to organise, but fear not as the trusty traditional crossword is the answer to our prayers. Pick a mixture of easy and cryptic clues and voila you can create your crossword.

Whether you choose just one quiz, or allow a few quizzy pages in your leavers’ book, we wish you the best of luck with them. Until next time… happy yearbooking!