Yearbook Page Ideas: Photo booth fun time!

Photo booths are a bundle of fun for students of any age and can be as simple, or high-tech as you wish. Photo booth photos are versatile enough to suit a number of yearbook pages – student (and teacher) profile pages, photo collage/montage pages, friendship groups and prom photo pages.

Here’s how to create your own photo booth yearbook page, and a list of what you’ll need: 

Plain background

A (clean) wall, draped curtain, a big sheet of paper, anything that isn’t distracting will do the trick. If you’re theming your photo booth yearbook photos, think about a background that compliments it.


There’s not much point going to a massive effort with props if no-one can see what’s going on in the photos! Aim to have two lights, or plenty of natural light.

Photo-taking device

Usually known as a camera, but a phone is fine too, especially if you want some Instagram value from the session. If you are using a camera, attaching it to a tripod is highly recommended.


Props are pretty essential items for your photo booth. Lots of websites offer free printables, so get downloading, printing and sticking! Think about the theme you want to follow, for example, comic book, movie/awards night, prince and princess, ‘Wanted’ cowboy-style, vintage, etc.

Sticks and straws

Not to prod and poke your fellow year group with – thin sticks, or paper straws are ideal to attach your printables to, and look extremely professional.

Make the photo booth magic happen

Once you have your tools together, set up your lights (one either side of your background) and position your tripod and camera facing the background, in the middle of the two lights.

Borrow a small table and pop your props at an easily grab-able distance from your photo area. Now you can start calling in your groups, or individuals and have some fun!

Photo booth yearbook theme ideas

Comic book / Superhero

‘Pow’, ‘zap’ and lots of speech bubbles make great props for a comic book theme. have some great printables. Superhero Props 1 and superhero props 2.

Movie/awards night

Imagine a yearbook awards page full of fun photo booth pictures! Etsy have a number of printables for around $5 (around £4). Clapperboards, awards, Hollywood stars, champagne, cameras, popcorn, props galore!

‘Wanted’ Wild West-style

Perhaps you’re wanted for being the best student of all time! Ideal for individual profile photos, adopt a classic ‘Wanted’ poster and cut out the middle to make a frame. Other essential printables include moustaches, cowboy and cowgirl hats, cacti and a sheriff badge.


Thanks to the wedding industry there’s a mountain of vintage-style photo booth props out there. Tea party themed cups with saucers, masquerade ball masks, ties, vintage cameras, ornate photo frames, birds, bows are just a few examples. Don’t forget to add some bunting to your backdrop.

Classic photo booth props

If you’re lacking in either the time, or budget department then classic photo booth props are just as effective. Ask people to bring in any silly glasses, fancy dress wigs, feather boas, plastic hats (or crowns), and frames.

Other free photo booth printables can be found at with loads and loads of inspiration on