Yearbook Page Ideas: Make a leavers selfie-central

With over 1 million selfies taken every day I’m going to bet you have a nice bank of them on your phone, Facebook, or Twitter account. Instead of waiting for those all important ‘likes’ to tot up, why not put those 5 hours a week of selfie-taking to good use in a yearbook page?

Maybe you think you’ve exhausted the selfie strategy world, but have you tried some of the ideas below?

Standard selfie

Arms outstretched in front of you, and ‘click’! The original of selfie stardom, but why reinvent the wheel? Try snapping from slightly above, or from the side – shooting from below is rarely a flattering angle!

Group selfie

Use your longest arm to capture that timeless selfie with your best chums. Get in nice and close, eyes open everybody and try to look at the camera, not the screen (we know it’s a challenge).

Duck face selfie

“Lips are pressed together as in a pout and often with simultaneously sucked cheeks.” thanks for summing that up so well Wikipedia. If nothing else, it shows off your delicious cheekbones!

“Ooo what’s over yonder” glance outside the frame selfie

Feeling a little shy today? Or perhaps you’re the mysterious type? That “I’m taking a selfie, but actually something over there caught my eye” is the ultimate in artistic twist on the classic selfie. It works even better if you’re facing a pool of natural light (i.e. a window) and play with a black and white filter.

Animal adoption selfie

Make a selfie buddy in the form of a cuddly kitty, adorable doggy, fluffy bunny, or whatever cuteness you can lay your hands on. You could make a whole pet selfies yearbook page! I can here the “ahhh’s” and “ooo’s” now…

Eye from the sky

Do you remember I mentioned before how photos from down low are rarely flattering? Here’s the answer, shoot from the sky! Selfie snapping from above will help you get the best light (as long as your phone isn’t shadowing your face), and will open up your beautiful eyes as you look into the camera, yes the camera, not the screen!

Check the reflection selfie

I know you’ll agree that mirrors are a handy little invention, and who knew they’d be put to use for taking selfies? Mirrors help you frame your selfie, and you can show off your favourite phone cover at the same time! Check what’s showing in the background, watch out for embarassing underwear and photo-bombs. It can take a few goes to perfect the placement of your phone so it’s not covering your face.

So there we have our selfies 101, consider yourself selfie-educated. Now go out there and make some great selfies for your yearbook pages. I’m yet to see a bunch of student profile page selfies, but I know it’s coming someday soon…