Yearbook Page Ideas: Couples of the Year

Welcome to the second installment of our fortnight of lurrrrve posts. If last week’s yearbook confessions weren’t enough, here’s another great page idea to give you the warm and fuzzies – a yearbook couples page. Facebook has them, so why don’t you?

We’re going to lovingly explore the following in this post:

  • How to create a yearbook couples page
  • Yearbook couples page alternatives

How To Create a Yearbook Couples Page

Who doesn’t love a good romance? A happy ending, those two souls destined to get together. Enough of my gushing, let’s look at how to create a top notch couples page.

Start by asking all of the couples in your year group if they would like to feature in a yearbook couples page, I’d suggest going with those who have been together at least a month. Depending how much space you can allow, ask them to write a brief story about how they got together – how amazing would this be to look back on with their children, or even grandchildren?!

A couples page isn’t complete without photos – either a classic couples ‘spam’ selfie, or if you’re feeling adventurous take a few photos in a photobooth style with them pulling different poses.

Short of time? Use their student profile pictures, or wait until your school Prom and get the perfect pic when they arrive together looking even more adorable!

Other Yearbook Couples Page Ideas

Want to switch it up and do something a bit out of the ordinary? Try one of these ideas:

  • The couples that never were – match-make those in your year group who should have got together. Perhaps they almost did, or maybe they were just too shy to tell eachother their true feelings.
  • Celebrity love match – pair yourself with your dream celebrity. Pop prince Justin Beiber? Hot vamp Robert Pattinson? Or one of those sexy soap stars.
  • Bromance – best buddies since Year 7? How about a page celebrating those long-lasting friendships which can be just as complex as relationships.
  • All broken up -The couples that are no more, in a tragic tale of “it’s not you, it’s me” remember those who loved and lost. *Beware this is a bit of a risky one. Feelings are involved, so it’s best to check with those concerned first.

If you read last week’s post about yearbook confessions – how about a dedicated secret crush page? Discovering an admirer will have them turning detective in no time, and may just have a very happy ending.

That just about wraps up our fortnight of lurve. We hope we’ve wooed you with plenty of yearbook ideas. So until next week… xoxo